sunday night blues

I still get the old, childhood, Sunday night feeling. The end of playtime and the beginning of responsibility comes over you. The Sunday night blues. It never goes away. I’ll take a Benadryl maybe. A Benadryl and a dull book.
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This is the end of Michael Emerson’s Sunday Routine from the Metro section. I am torn between feeling comforted knowing even a rich, famous, seemingly nice and happy man shares not only my Sunday angst but also my Benadryl addiction/crutch or feeling OH MY GOD I MAY STILL FEEL THIS WAY AT 59?!

Good night, where’s my ‘dryl?

duck month

Every winter, usually in February when everything is cold and grey and sad, we like to go to the farmer’s market, get a few ducks and eat several delicious duck-based dinners. It’s not brain surgery or curing cancer but in the middle of a long, boring winter you take your pleasures however they come. In February they mostly come from ducks.

duck parts

In addition to a freezer full of duck stock and an alarming amount of duck fat this year we made:

duck breast with mushrooms, sauteed kale and polenta

duck soup! with duck stock, breast, bok choy and egg noodles

duck confit, butter lettuce and arugula salad with dijon vinaigrette and duck fat roasted potatoes

apartment hunt ’14 update

Wonders never do cease. I apparently am able to pull back from the anxiety abyss, see reality and make appropriate decisions.

We decided to pass on Option 2 aka the apartment we saw the other night. It finally became clear that the most compelling facet about the place was the parking space. It was a very nice apartment and a great building and I’d recommend it to you if you’re looking for a new place but it was not right for us. We managed to recognize it was really just the irresistible idea of easy, affordable parking that was luring us in. Sidenote: because I am not a monster I emailed the owner to give him a heads up on our passing and his reply was as friendly and gracious as our meeting. I really wish I knew someone who needed his apartment because as far as landlords go he seems wonderful.

So, next steps are to find out if renewing our current place will cost us more than we’re willing to pay for our Slanty Shanty and to research parking spots in the neighborhood. It’s not a necessity but spending a little tax refund money on not having to deal with parking for year sounds easier than moving. I know, I know, call me a wahmbulance but I can’t be the only one self-indulging my way through this winter. Hashtag blog lady problems.

days of wine and pasta

I rarely manage to stick to things (as evidenced by this long-neglected blog) but I have recently maintained a 60 day streak of something, a feat so rare I feel compelled to brag about it.

Since it’s me it’s not a streak of anything important; I haven’t exercised for 60 days or volunteered or even created something of note. All I’ve done is use an app, a language app I downloaded near New Year’s after seeing it on some end of year roundup. It’s called Duolingo and I’m using it to (re)teach myself Italian. Remember when I took all those continuing ed classes back when I was at The School? I can’t believe it was six years ago but that’s my excuse for forgetting much of what mia cara professoressa taught me.

After a while I convinced Chris to get it too and we’ve been dutifully going through our lessons a few minutes each day. Then, in an amazing miracle coincidence I am so excited about,  a friend who’s spending six months or so in Tuscany invited us to come visit and stay with him. Andiamo in Italia!

So Duolingo has been fun and easy and free but it’s possible I’m getting a bit more out of it than Chris since I had a few years of in person lessons. There’s a lot I already know that’s just getting refreshed. I’d still recommend it though if only for the somewhat ridiculous vibe of a lot of the sample sentences. It ranges from slightly silly to foreboding to existential:




you decide, internet

Not really, but I need to type my neurosis into the void in the hope of getting somewhere in this loop of indecision.

You have two choices*:

  1. Stay in Current Apt which costs $XXXX
    Pros: It is large and in a neighborhood I love. It has a lot of light. The views out over the container terminal cranes toward Governor’s Island and lower Manhattan are beautiful and make me so happy. Staying put costs nothing.
    Cons: It is a tilted dangerhole that makes me furious every time I spy the giant stacks of shims required to keep the furniture level. It has no dishwasher and the kitchen counter and floor are sort of coming unattached. I am, no matter how crazy it is, slightly concerned that the whole building may fall down. We pay for all utilities which this winter have been pretty high.
  2. Move to Place We Saw Last Night which also costs exactly $XXXX
    Pros: This can not be emphasized enough – it has a parking space! For an extra XXX/month, yes, but the heat/hot water are included and in the winter that equals the extra XXX/month. It has a dishwasher and laundry in the basement. The building has a roof deck and a gym and an atrium with chairs and grills. Also, an elevator and shuttle from the building to the subway. There is no fee, just first month’s rent. It is a block away from current place so = same loved neighborhood.
    Cons: It is much smaller. It didn’t seem as light but we saw it at night so who knows for sure. Some windows face the BQE – it’s not on top of it, there’s either a low building or parking lot in between and the windows seem like the thick kind but in the summer…? Moving will cost money for movers. This one is stupid but for all I’d appreciate a building with amenities (who hates amenities?!) it felt weird. I feel more comfortable in a tenament/brownstone type situation, I think. I don’t know! I just mean I’ve never lived in a building with elevators and corridors and I fear change.

*The reality of course is that there are more than these two apartments in all of Brooklyn so the answer may well be 3) None of the above.

This is all crazy but I’m crazy and this is what I’m thinking about right now.